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Jun 28

High River Update and Thanks

It is with deep sorrow that we reflect on the events of the past week and the impact they have had on our family, friends and co-workers at the Heritage Inn Hotel & Convention Centre High River. A special thanks goes out to our Assistant General Manager, Dean Lambourn and his brother Devon (a previous Heritage Inn employee) who went above and beyond in assisting the community and guests at the hotel during the evacuation. They sought to ensure the safety of all those in the hotel and worked hard to minimize damage as much as was possible all while knowing their families, homes and possessions were in danger. Our General Manager, Rick Bart, was also a great asset to the situation, assisting as much as possible by phone as he was unable to access the hotel during the evacuation. We could not have asked for a better team in this crisis.

We are currently seeking to contact all employees of the hotel and ensure their safety as well as offer support in any way we are able. We have set up a fund to help with their displacement. Donation boxes have been set up at our other 7 locations and 100% of the money collected will go towards the hotel’s employees in High River.  We are striving to assist with relocating several employees to other Heritage Inn Hotel locations to provide them shelter and the opportunity to continue working.

The hotel itself remains inaccessible and we are patiently waiting until we are able to reenter and survey the damages.

Thank you to everyone who has shown and continues to show support for the High River community in this time of crisis. The road ahead is going to be long and we are eternally grateful for the sense of community we have felt from friends and neighbours.

If you are interested in donating time, money or supplies to the clean up efforts in the town or to the Heritage Inn Hotel’s employee relief fund, please contact help.highriver@heritageinn.net. 

If you are an employee of the Heritage Inn Hotel & Convention Centre High River who has not yet been contacted, please contact hrstaff@heritageinn.net.

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